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We can add your favorite scent to our patented BuckStix TM Vapor Action Dispenser.

Invent your own Scent Sticks or buck stick

Ideal for starting your own business or adding to an existing scent line.

Market your own Deer Scent and Deer Scent Dispenser for deer hunting.

Market your own Deer Lure and Deer Lure Dispenser.

Market your own Buck Lure and Buck Lure Dispenser.

Invent specialty products such as Dog Training scents.  Mark dummies.  Create trails.

Create Bear scent, Trapping scent, Fishing scent, etc.  Your idea, our scent dispenser.

We can help you make cents with our Scent Dispenser.

We can put ANY liquid into our scent dispenser.

We specialize in PRIVATE LABEL mfg. and PRIVATE LABEL dispenser.


Very affordable.  Please email with questions. << click


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Send a photo using Buck Stix Deer Scent Deer Lure Dispenser, Buck Lure or Earth Soap to be in our Scrap Book.

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