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These Photos are from our many customers showing trophies taken with Buck Stix products.

Thanks to BuckStix, I used Earth Soap and a camouflage Skin Tite Camo Mask to get close to this Caribou in Arctic Quebec.  A wonderful trophy and wonderful products. HS Wisconsin

I washed my clothes in BuckStix Earth Soap, it removed my human odor.

All I used was a "SKUNK" Buck Stix to cover my human smell, and a "DOE-READY" Buck Stix to get him in close .... Oh yes ... and a Mountain Howitzer Cannon. . . . I

I'm a believer. .

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I used 2 BuckStix Vapor Action Scent Stix to bag this trophy.  I used a Skunk Stix to cover my human odor, and a Doe-Ready Stix to attract him into range.

BuckStix ... great products ... great Buck.

This Rack Measured 18 inches. Thank you BuckStix for making such fine products.  Earth Soap covered all traces of my odor.

BuckStix products just keep bringing in the Big Bucks.  Camo Mask and Earth Soap  made me invisible to this fine Buck.  Rack was 18" wide.

I had a great day of hunting and I'd like to share it with you.  Thank you for inventing the vapor action Doe Ready pen.  Feel free to use the story or the picture however you like.  Thanks, Larry.

13 point, 22 inch wide, 175 lbs. 

Killed in Weakley County, Tennessee,

November 7, 2005 - 50 caliber muzzleloader

Boone & Crockett

BuckStix Vapor Action Deer Lure works on the Big Bucks and also on the Not-so-Big Bucks.  BuckStix Scent is brought this one into range and "stopped him in his tracks" so I could get a shot.

And ... BuckStix Vapor Action Deer Lure also worked on this Big Buck.  Rack was 14" wide.  This was an 8 point rack the hard way, 3 points plus 5 points = 8 points. (eastern)  Thank you BuckStix "MUSK" scent and Earth Soap.  

And again

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